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Our Team


Joseph Friesen

Founder and Lead Writer

Joseph has lived an ordinary life, but he loves hearing about the lives of others. He was educated at the University of Windsor, where he earned a Master's degree in Social Work. During his work in the field, primarily at a homeless shelter, he took an interest in hearing about the colourful lives of his clients, and soon after began committing stories of the people he encountered to writing before founding Life and Legacy Publishing in 2019. He lives with his wife in Leamington, Ontario.

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Kathleen Quiring

First Editor

Kathleen provides the polish for your books.  She has an MA in English Literature from the University of Windsor, and has several years of publishing experience.  She lives with her husband and two children, and you can read about her facinating story here!

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Magdalene Friesen

Second Editor

Magdalene is the resident bibliophile, language aficionado, and grammar enthusiast of the team. Since completing degrees in French and interpretation, she has been teaching ESL online and grammar/writing courses at St Clair College. A stickler for detail, nothing gets published without her approval. She resides in Windsor, Ontario.

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